Benefits of a Bulk Billing Doctor

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In Australia, there are two ways that people with Medicare can be billed after visiting a doctor. You can be asked to pay the medical fee,s which you will claim back through Medicare. The other method is when the medical centre has bulk-billing services. Bulk billing is a system where the doctor bills Medicare directly. As such, the patient does not have to pay for the services offered. 

Today, many medical centres offer bulk-billing services to their patients. If you are looking for a family doctor, you should ask if he or she provides bulk-billing services. Below are several benefits of a bulk-billing family doctor. 


Finances are a huge determinant into whether one will seek medical services. If you do not have ready cash, you are likely to avoid visiting the doctor, even if you are in need of medical care. If you are ill, the disease may be at an advanced stage by the time you visit the doctor. You can visit a bulk-billing medical centre any time, as you don't have to worry about medical expenses. As such, severe conditions can be diagnosed and treated at an early stage.  


Health emergencies at home may be rare, but they do happen. For instance, you may have a running stomach, or your child may develop a burning fever. Such circumstances demand that you visit your family doctor immediately. With bulk billing, you do not have to bother friends and family to assist you if you do not have cash reserved for such emergencies. 

Specialised treatment. 

If you have a long-term illness, you may require specialised care such physiotherapy, counselling, dialysis, surgery, radiology or chemotherapy. Bulk billing allows the patient to be concerned about getting healed rather than worrying about medical expenses. As such, patients receiving specialised care are likely to have reduced stress levels, which may improve the outcomes of the various medical interventions. 


Bulk billing is hassle-free and takes up very little time. Once your card is swiped, you fill in the form and you are done. To the doctors, it reduces chances of defaulted payments, as the government clears the patient's bill. 

Bulk billing is a system that allows patients to receive treatment without having to pay a cent. Its main advantages are that it is convenient and encourages people to visit the doctor. Plus, it is essential in emergencies or when one needs specialised treatment. 


6 November 2018

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When I first started noticing veins protruding from my lower legs, I did my best to ignore them. However, I knew they were likely varicose veins, as both my parents have had varicose veins for several years. Eventually, I went to see my doctor due to experiencing leg swelling and red patches of skin, which turned out to be varicose eczema. I was prescribed the usual treatment, and my doctor discussed surgery to strip out the damaged veins, but I decided to postpone surgery and look at managing the swelling and protrusion of veins naturally. I started this blog to share my own experiences of trying complementary therapies, such as homeopathy, herbal medicine and massage, to manage my symptoms. I hope you find my posts useful and interesting.