Why are private label pharmaceutical products becoming so popular?

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Private label is a term used to refer to a situation where a retailer contracts the services of a manufacturer or producer to label drugs under their name. In such a case, the manufacturer or producer of the pharmaceuticals will either engage in the activity of producing drugs solely for private labels or produce pharmaceuticals under their brand as well as under the brand of the private label. A private label is sometimes referred to as a private brand.

12 September 2018

Lip Sucking in Children: Should You Tell Your Dentist About Your Child's Habit?

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While thumb sucking may be a common habit with young children, some kids suck their lips rather than their thumbs. While this may seem a harmless enough habit, apart from the chapping and minor swelling it may cause, habitual sucking of a lip may sometimes affect your child's teeth. If your child constantly sucks on a lip, and you haven't figured out a way to get them to stop yet, then it's worth mentioning the habit to your dentist next time you take your child for a check-up.

15 August 2018

Typical Neurological Disorders and the Symptoms You Should Know About


Neurological disorders are classified as conditions that will disrupt the normal function of your nervous system, spinal cord and brain at large. Resultantly, the patient begins to suffer from a host of difficulties such as an inability to swallow, loss of speech, learning disabilities and even becoming incapable of breathing without assistance. Since neurological problems affect multiple body parts, it is not surprising that there are hundreds of disorders that you could encounter.

14 May 2018

What is Respite Care and Why Do You Need it When You're a Caregiver?


If you've a caregiver for a loved one, you might have heard of respite care. Whilst you might not be familiar with it yet, it's something that you need as a caregiver. Read on to find out what respite care is -- and why it's crucial to your own well being when you're a caregiver for a loved one.  Understanding Respite Care Respite care is temporary care that gives you a break.

14 May 2018

A guide to eyebrow lifts


If you don't know much about eyebrow lifts, here is some information about this cosmetic procedure that you may find useful. Why do people get eyebrow lifts? There are several reasons why a person may decide to get an eyebrow lift. Firstly, lifting the brow can help to create more space between the brows and the eyes; this can give a person a more wide-eyed, youthful appearance. Secondly, this cosmetic procedure can produce very dramatic results for people who have naturally heavy brows (i.

16 April 2018

Signs Your Relative May Need Home Health Care

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As life progresses, some people may find they struggle to meet their needs alone at home. From key events such as an accident to the ageing process, there are multiple reasons for requiring home health care. While many recognise the need for assistance, others might struggle to do so, or they may not want to ask for help. If you're worrying about a relative who appears to struggle at home, watching out for certain signs is beneficial.

13 March 2018

The Scientifically-Proven, Natural Way to Heal After an Episiotomy

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Whether you've always been a fan of organic healing or becoming a mother has influenced you towards more natural medicine, you may be wondering what your treatment options will be if you have an episiotomy (a cut to enlarge your vaginal opening during childbirth). Alongside non-medicinal pain relief options like ice packs and plenty of rest, many women are also given a topical antiseptic called povidone iodine. While iodine is generally a safe antiseptic, some new mothers prefer to use less clinical treatment options.

25 October 2017

Understanding The Causes Of Male Infertility

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Couples who've been trying to conceive a child for more than a year may be experiencing male or female infertility. It's often assumed the issue is related to a woman's reproductive health, but in Australia, infertility affects around one in 20 men. Here's an overview of the main causes of male infertility: Medical Causes Sperm production and health can be affected by some infections, such as gonorrhoea or bacteria, that cause inflammation in the testicles.

23 August 2017

Can Dental Implants Be Knocked Out Like Natural Teeth?

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If you have an accident that results in a facial injury, there's always a risk of a tooth getting knocked out. In this instance, it's important to keep the tooth safe if possible, and see an emergency dentist as soon as you can to see if it can be reinserted or repaired. But what if you have dental implants? Is there the same risk? And what should you do if your implant does get knocked out?

20 July 2017

3 Ways a Dermatologist Can Help You


A dermatologist is a doctor who specialises in treating disorders of the skin. However, a dermatologist doesn't just treat outbreaks of acne or diagnose psoriasis. They also treat a range of other conditions. Below is a guide to three services offered by a skin clinic. Hair Loss If your hair is thinning or brittle, this may be the result of a skin condition which is causing bald spots and hair loss.

13 July 2017